Rhizome Series: Rhizome 4


Rhizome 4
Dimensions: 24″ x 18″
Framed dimensions: 32″ x 1″ x 26″
Archivally printed on cold-press fine-art paper with an elegant, textured finish, this art is matted in 3″ museum-quality mat board and professionally framed. It arrives ready to hang.
The five-piece Rhizome Series is limited to seventy-five (75) prints.

Museum-quality art you can live with and love!
Archival. Elegantly finished. Ready to hang.

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About this art:

My dear friend Jaynn passed away recently.

She was 96, and I felt such a loss—even more than when my own mother died. Jaynn and I had known each other for 53 years. We met through my aunt. Jaynn was her best friend.

When I got married, Jaynn nicknamed me “Sadie” after “Sadie, Sadie, married lady.” It was a nickname that stuck. She called me Sadie the rest of her life. Jaynn taught me about beauty and the true graces of life. She introduced me to society and her circle of friends…women who became my friends, too. Jaynn loved antiques, fine art, and a beautiful table setting; her favorites became mine.

After Jaynn died, I visited her eldest daughter, and she asked me if I wanted anything of her mother’s. I told her that I carried Jaynn in my heart, and I couldn’t think of a thing more precious than that. But then I was reminded of Jaynn’s garden. She was a Master Gardner, and she and I both loved her irises, and so I told her daughter Vicki that I would like some of Jaynn’s irises from her garden.

And so, Vicki and I took shovels over to Jaynn’s home and dug up some of her irises. We had no idea of the color we were getting, but I put the rhizomes in a box and shipped them home. When they arrived, I opened the box, shook each rhizome carefully to loosen the clinging dirt clogs, AND THEN I SAW THEM.


These rhizomes, dark and with no outward sign of life, yet so filled with life’s promise.

I had to photograph them.

The rhizomes are now planted in a special place in my garden. They bloom among other butterfly-attracting plants. They are beautiful and remind me that nature renews us with its promise of new life.

I have named the spot where they bloom “Jaynn’s Garden.” When spring comes each year and the sweet smell of the blossoms wafts across my patio, I reflect on Jaynn and the gift she was in my life.

She is forever in my heart.


Announcing Big News!

New Gallery Showing at Untitled Space in New York!

I am so thrilled to learn this week that I have been selected as a finalist at the Art Takes SoHo Exhibition called See | Me showcasing my limited edition Rhizomes #1-5 in September 2018. My five rhizomes will be the feature of a digital art display at the Untitled Gallery on Wednesday September 25, 2018 5pm-9pm Central Time in New York’s Tribeca Art District. I am thankful for such an honor!
In botany and dendrology, a rhizome is a modified subterranean plant stem that sends out roots and shoots from its nodes. Rhizomes are also called creeping rootstalks or just rootstalks. Rhizomes develop from axillary buds and grow horizontally. The rhizome also retains the ability to allow new shoots to grow upwards. Wikipedia
The following are available in limited prints.
Copyright © 2018 by Cheri Lomonte.

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Dimensions 32 × 1 × 26 in


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