Passion for the Vine botanical
Passion for the Vine ~ We See The Passion For Life Is In The Vines (click image to find out more information)

“The way you look at things is the most powerful force in shaping your life” ~ by Cheri Lomonte


lotus blooming and so I rise up
Purple Lotus ~ I Will Rise Up Each Day (click image to find out more information)

“When I’m in the garden the first ray of sun reveals the colors of the bloom.  The flower comes to life as I do.” ~ by Cheri Lomonte


The Georgetown Art Center Gallery & Art Show takes place with a small arts exhibit November 2, 2018 in which Cheri Lomonte’s “Emotionally Perfect” Art will be on display. There is an artist reception November 3, 2018. The Art Show will continue November 2, 2018 through January 6, 2018. Dismiss